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About tMUD

tMUD is MUD server written in C++ and uses libXML2, versions up to 0.4.1 Trolltech library QT v. 3.1.0+ and versions up to 0.1.4 also OpenSSL v 0.9.6+. It is starting project, so if you are interested in it and want to help us with creating areas and/or making tMUD better please send us email.


We're now using CVS as one of the development tool, that's the reason why new versions aren't released so often. We didn't stop developing tMUD.
0.4.2 - Many changes everywhere, leading to dropping the use of Qt. Instead, we have a tmudString class (mostly QString-compatible) and we use libxml2 instead of Qt's XML. Also improved item support (not used in the game yet) and starting attempts to implement shopping.
0.4.1 - some bugfixes, immortal commands can no longer be abused, immortals no longer need drink/food and they restore lost HP/MP/SP all at once.
0.4 - LOADS of new improvements, mainly much better item manipulation, more immortal commands, a simple database (not used yet), improved NPC interaction, support for HP/MP/SP restoration, food/drink, money, sleeping, weight support, improved room editor, emotes, loading areas on demand, auto-unloading of unused areas, a simple web server (does almost nothing at the moment) and more...
0.3.4a - New manipulation module. Commands get, drop and inv. Hidden exits and items are no longer in new classes, but in tmudRoom. And, of course, another stuff.
0.3.4 - Gobal events, new timer signals, autosaving. New methods for manipulation with items (i.e. drop, dropAll, deleteAll...). And a lot of other improvements.
0.3.3 - Some testing NPCs for the new actions stuff, auto-save (every 5 minutes, on quit and on server termination), some bugfixes, improvements and memory leak fixes.
0.3.2 - Improved events/algorithms handling, added support for actions (groups of algs/events), also added item analyzer and support for it in look command - allows you to look at items in room or in inventory (inventory is only partially implemented atm)
0.3.1 - One new type of room - hiddenItemsRoom. This means that we can add items to the room and they won't be visible. And also roomloader module now can create both hiddenItems and hiddenExits room.
0.3 - Many new features, including the new Character module that handles all sorts of information about a character, Analyzer module that parses commands, working immortal/player difference, experimental area editor (highly pre-pre-alpha :P), some new commands, improved logging, Debug module, bugfixes and more.
0.2.1 - Some bugfixes, new directory structure. New module for administration, some new commands for communication. Experimental usage of player/administrator differentiation. Note, that this is not really stable yet. Class tmudConfig now handles some configuration, especially directories.
0.2 - A lot of improvements, a few new classes for commands and catching commands and various type of events. Nepos writes module manager, so all non-server classes are compiled as modules. Help maker - program for creating help file is included.
0.1.4 - Bug in tmudSocket class were fixed (NAWS when one dimension is 255). Whole command executing was rewritten. tmudLiving class representing all livings (creatures and players) were added.
0.1.3 - Handling of creating tmudEntity was moved into tmudSocket class. Say command was implemented.
0.1.2 - Nepos writes new tmudSocket::readData function with a lot of new features. All identifiers were rewrited to QT style.
0.1.1 - A few bugs were fixed: login, logout. Look and adding entity to room were reimplemented, so it shows entities which are in the room.
0.1 - 3 rooms, implemented commands: save, quit, help, look, enter, movement (n, e, s, w, ne, se, sw, nw).


Trekie: trekie <at> sinister <dot> cz
Nepos: nepos <at> atlas <dot> sk


tmud-ideas.tar.gz12839 bytes
tmud-0.4.2.tar.gz288342 bytes
tmud-0.4.1.tar.gz247451 bytes
tmud-0.4.tar.gz247068 bytes
tmud-0.3.4a.tar.gz136384 bytes
tmud-0.3.4.tar.gz125963 bytes
tmud-0.3.3.tar.gz120346 bytes
tmud-0.3.2a.tar.gz117876 bytes
tmud-0.3.2.tar.gz114950 bytes
tmud-0.3.1.tar.gz107444 bytes
tmud-0.3.1.tar.bz284668 bytes
tmud-0.3.tar.gz105498 bytes
tmud-0.2.1.tar.gz64985 bytes
tmud-0.2.tar.gz58406 bytes


  • MUD connector - a lot of useful informations for players.
  • KMuddy - a very nice piece of code, which seems to be really interesting MUD client from Nepos. ;-)
  • Trolltech - Qt's developers.