Tairon is a set of libraries for multi-threaded, object-oriented and modularized networking programming. It is written in C++ for GNU/Linux. Tairon consists of several modules that focus on specific function:


This is the main library that is used by all others. The key features of this part are signals (see Documentation for details) and threads. Other important feature is the support for modules that can be loaded/unloaded at runtime. And last, but not least, is the included TinyXml library that provides easy way to manipulate XML documents.


This module consists of several libraries. The Core library implements basic networking functions (sockets, polling) as well as timers. Timers are included because it is easy to implement them here. Other libraries implement server support, bandwidth limiting and simple HTTP/1.0 client.

The rest

Remaining libraries provide POSIX regular expression matching support and implementation of Secure Hashing Algorithm as described in RFC 3174.


Tairon is distributed under the terms of GNU Library General Public License v2. See file LICENSE.LGPL in the root directory of the package for details.


Tairon is written and maintained by David Brodsky (trekie at sinister dot cz). If you have any questions please send me an email.